September 23, 2015 – Dan Berta, President of Fairfield County Bank, along with another member of the Bank’s team and a few members of Ridgefield A Better Chance (RABC) were in attendance at Toni Chadwell’s presentation of her art portfolio, which took place at Fairfield County Bank’s headquarters in Ridgefield, CT. Toni, a RABC scholar, presented her portfolio which included life drawings and illustrations and clearly demonstrated her talent and passion for art.  Ms. Chadwell created her drawings over a three week period at the Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA.  Toni had the opportunity to attend Montserrat College after applying for the RABC’s Summer Enrichment Scholarship and receiving approval from the RABC Board. 

Fairfield County Bank has been a proud supporter of the RABC for many years and the Summer Enrichment Scholarship program provides just another opportunity for the Bank to grow one of their philanthropic missions; empowering young students and providing them with meaningful experiences they may not have otherwise had. “What is special about this program is that we are fortunate enough to support an extraordinary young woman like Toni and have the chance to meet her and hear about her experience.  To contribute to an essential program like this and see the impression it has made on someone’s life is truly remarkable,” said Berta. 

“RABC is a residential academic program giving talented young women of color the opportunity to receive a superior high school education in preparation for college. RABC encourages the scholars to seek out summer enrichment experiences, which demonstrate a commitment and passion that selective colleges and universities consider very favorably in the admissions process. The Fairfield County Bank program helps to ensure that the scholars can take advantage of these valuable academic experiences,” said Susan Ferguson, 2nd Vice President, Fundraising for the RABC.

Toni is extremely grateful for the experience and is hopeful that she will be able to apply the three credits she earned during her internship at Montserrat to their Illustration program after she graduates from Ridgefield High School in the spring.