Streamline your bank deposit process with Express Deposit which enables you to scan and electronically submit checks directly to the Bank for deposit.



Remote Deposit
  • All you need is a standard Internet-enabled desktop computer and a check scanner
  • Both consumer and business checks can be scanned and deposited.
  • Ensures image quality
  • Populates the dollar value of the checks, reducing the need to key in the amounts
  • Duplicate checking ensures that checks are not deposited twice.
  • Audit trail information provides a record of all user activity within the system
  • All scanned check images meet the bank's requirement for quality
  • User dollar limits are set by you to enforce deposit approval and submission limits
  • The latest encryption technology and password protection
  • Acceleration of funds availability
  • No application software needs to be installed
  • Check images are stored and available for printing
  • Eliminates need for trips to the bank


For more information on Business Remote Deposit, e-mail us, call our Customer Care Center at 203-431-7431 or toll-free at 877-431-7431, or stop by any branch location.