Save time and money with the Visa® Business Debit Card…one of the most convenient cards you can carry!


Visa® Business Debit Card

Keeping You Secure with Advanced Fraud Protection Solutions

  • Receive real-time Fraud Alerts through SMS text messages, phone calls, and emails asking you to confirm unusual transactions when potentially fraudulent activity is detected.
  • EMV Chip Cards
    These improved cards feature an embedded chip that improves security every time you make purchases at chip activated terminals. Learn more >>
  • Worldwide ATM Usage
    Get cash at thousands of ATMs – just look for the Cirrus® or NYCE® logo.
  • Use it to pay for business purchases
    The purchase amount is deducted directly from your business checking account, just like a check.
  • Track your business purchases
    Visa Business Debit Card purchases will appear on your monthly checking account statement.  You may also view them through our Connect24SM Business Online Banking or Cash Management Services and review them through Connect24SM Telephone banking.
  • Pay bills
    Using your card is a fast and easy way to pay your bills. Save time and avoid the hassle of writing checks and paying late fees or missing payments.
  • Credit or Debit Options
    Choose to pay by selecting either the “Credit” or “Debit” option.  Whichever option you choose, the purchase amount will be deducted directly from your business checking account.
  • Easy Record Keeping
    The merchant’s name and address and the transaction amount and date will appear on your monthly checking account statement.  Monitor your business purchases by using Connect24 Business Online Banking, Cash Management Services or Telephone Banking.
  • Lost or Stolen Visa Debit Cards/ATM Cards
    During business hours, call our Customer Care Center at 203.431.7431 or toll-free at 877.431.7431.
  • After business hours, call our Hot Card Lost and Stolen Service hotline at 833.337.6075.
  • If you are overseas or traveling internationally and lose your Debit Card/ATM Card or your card stops working, contact 614.564.5105.

  • Activation and PIN Change for Visa Debit Cards
    Call 800.992.3808 or you may activate the card at any Fairfield County Bank ATM. Please refer to your Visa Business Debit Card Agreement Terms and Conditions.


For more information about Card Services, send us a secure message, call our Customer Care Center at 203.431.7431 or toll-free at 877.431.7431, or stop by any branch location.