Ridgefield, CT – June 18, 2020 – Fairfield County Bank’s digital solutions play a key role in their Clients’ daily lives, particularly as Clients shift focus towards digital banking and contactless payments to protect consumers’ health.

Earlier in the year, Fairfield County Bank rolled out a digital transformation by upgrading their current online and mobile banking platforms, adding easier navigation and even more tools to that take the burden off managing personal finances.

“Although we already offered great digital solutions that were highly rated by our Clients in benchmarking studies, we wanted to deliver our Clients even more.  Our digital transformation efforts now provide best-in-class capabilities to our Clients, including value-added features like credit monitoring and budgeting tools with an intuitive and easier look and feel,” said Stephen Wooters, Executive Vice President at Fairfield County Bank.

Money Manager 360 is one of those tools that allows the Bank’s clients to view all of their accounts, whether it be investments, credit cards, home loans, car payments, or other bank accounts and much more, all in one place. Clients can also track spending and income with simple visual displays of budgets to stay on track each month.

The Bank also allows for their Fairfield County Bank Visa® Debit Card to easily be added to mobile wallets. Adding your debit card allows you to make contactless payments at check-out to ensure that your personal information remains protected while also keeping you healthy and safe during these times. The bank’s debit cards can be added to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay.

“Contactless payments is not only easier and more secure way to pay, but as we deal with the new normal around health concerns it is another way for our Clients to stay safe.  As a community bank, we’re not only interested in our Clients’ financial health, but their personal health, too,” said Arianna Middleton, Vice President of eBanking at Fairfield County Bank.

To learn more about the Bank’s digital solutions by visiting their website at https://www.fairfieldcountybank.com/personal-banking/online-mobile-banking-enhancements.html and about the mobile wallet visit https://www.fairfieldcountybank.com/personal-banking/digital-wallet.html

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