Online Privacy Policy Statement


Fairfield County Bank recognizes your need for privacy and security as you visit our website. Described below are our policies to protect your online privacy.


Use of Cookies On Our Website
Please be advised that the Bank uses cookies on our secured "Online Banking" site and our Online Loan Center. A cookie is a piece of data "handed" to your browser. The Bank uses cookies inside the secure environment to keep track of your session data. It basically tells our system that you've already logged in as a valid user. Without the cookie data, you would have to login every time you wanted to move to another page. When you hit the Exit button to leave the secured site, the cookie data is flushed from your system.

The Bank may collect non-personal information when you visit our website to identify activity; this data may include, but is not limited to, pages viewed, the number of visitors, and the devices that are being used to access our site. This information helps the Bank effectively manage our site and provides us with the opportunity to make continual improvements to enhance your experience. Fairfield County Bank and some of our service providers may use cookies and pixel tags as these technologies may allow us to recognize visitors, track and identify products and services of interest, and follow browsing activity on other sites. We use this data to better serve you with a more personalized experience including customized advertisements on both our website as well as other websites you may visit.


Secured Socket Layer
The Bank has designed this website for use with web browsers that use Secured Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Secured Socket Layer is an encryption method that protects the information transmitted between our website and your computer. The Bank requires that your browser be configured for 128 bit encryption. If your browser is not configured for 128 bit encryption, you can obtain further information about 128 bit encryption from the manufacturer of your browser.


Electronic Mail
Our website contains a form that you can complete and send to the Bank over the Internet. This form requests information about you (such as your address and telephone number). This form is encrypted when it is sent over the Internet which helps protect this information from being intercepted as it is transmitted over the Internet. This is a more secure way of sending us information than sending us general public e-mail. Therefore, we suggest that you always use our e-mail form whenever you wish to send us e-mail. Whenever you communicate with us via Internet e-mail, we will retain the content of the form, the e-mail address and our response. This allows us to maintain an audit trail of our contact and to provide you with the product, service or information you may have requested.


Firewalls and Routers
We use firewalls and routers to create a "doorway" between the Internet and our internal computer network. This doorway restricts access to our internal computer network. Data transmissions that are sent through our firewall and routers to our internal computer network are subject to verification by the firewalls and routers. We are able, thus, to control the data transmissions that gain access to our internal computer network.


Changes to Our Privacy Policy
We may at times change this online privacy policy statement. We might, for example, change our online privacy policy to conform with changes that have been made to state or federal law. Or we might change our online privacy policy so that it conforms with changes made to our website.


Reliance on Online Privacy Policy Statement
By displaying this privacy policy statement, we are not modifying any existing written agreements that we have with customers. This privacy policy statement should not be construed as a contract of any kind.


If you have any questions or concerns after reading our Privacy Policy Statement, please Contact Us.